Fourteen (ii)

I had entertained the thought that she was looking at any screen handy simply to avoid having a ‘deep and meaningful’ with me about our new family circumstances. I dismissed the self-pity however on realizing that this is just the way it is these days, and besides teenage girls have likely never relished a ‘deep and meaningful’ with their father.

On driving Rachel back to Myra’s I could see a sign had been stuck in the rear window of the car – “SAVE NORTH STREET SKATE PARK!” On getting on line that evening, I found I’d been invited to sign the online petition, re-blog, re-tweet, ‘Like’ and +1. There was also a link to a Google Map mashup showing other options for improving the traffic flow at the North Street junction that didn’t require ripping up the skate park, and another to a wiki where the pressure group formulated its plans.

Rachel would not recognize my childhood.