Twenty four

Both BB (Sales) and Marcus (COO) remarked that they should have spent more time together before. They were both surprised to find they both harbored similar concerns about the design for the new dishwasher spray arm for no other reason than something didn’t feel quite right. They had collared Georgio (Design) straight after.

But the real eye-opener for everyone emerged when Marcus walked BB through testing. In fact, it was Gurdev who then demonstrated how we test mixers by attaching sensors, whacking the machines up to full speed for a time and looking for vibrations that might betray that not all is as it should be.

Now it’s not that BB didn’t sort of know that we test for such things, and it wasn’t as if Marcus and Gurdev didn’t know that our mixers go out into the big wide world, but that the question had quite simply never been asked. Gurdev asked it.

“Can we continue to measure such things post-sale? In the commercial kitchen? In the home kitchen too?”

Marcus said his mind oscillated between ‘of course not’ and ‘of course’ at least half a dozen times in the ensuing ten seconds. He post-rationalized the oscillations as his mind reconciling the latest developments, as he understood them, in sensor, embedded processor and wireless communication technologies, and their rapidly decreasing costs.

If we incorporate such tech into our products, connect them over the mobile network or have the customer add the products to their wifi network, then hey presto, Attenzi can monitor product performance in the field 24/7. To our benefit and the customer’s.

Everyone’s in product innovation.