The SWOT reports were diligent, reasonably well articulated and referenced. And, well, sorry to say it guys, dull.

Strengths. Our products are well designed and reliable. Our brand is considered trustworthy; a safe bet. Our people are skilled and motivated on the whole. Quality processes. Beating market average revenue growth.

Weaknesses. Only just beating market average revenue growth. Lack of excitement. Marketable product innovations too few and far between. Little process innovation.

Opportunities. Geographic expansion. Improved ‘industrial design’.  Rekindle the successful 2004 “Learn to Cook to Learn” high school public relations campaign. Social media.

Threats. Lower cost manufacturing in other parts of the world. Competitor innovation. The rise of online shopping – prospective customers don’t get to ‘feel’ our products. Social media.

I felt like I had picked this stuff up myself from a week on the job. Where was the real insight, the urgency, the laser like focus? I thanked everyone for their efforts, gave them this feedback, and challenged them anew. What does success look like? How will we know if we’re getting there?