Attenzi – a social business story, as told by Eli Appel, Attenzi CEO

This is the story of twenty months in the life of Attenzi. It’s about how the Attenzi team changed things up in ways that benefited employees, customers, shareholders and, we believe, everyone with an interest in Attenzi’s success.

It’s about business.

It’s about people.

It’s about influence.

It’s about how we’re becoming a ‘social business’.

I’m Eli Appel and I’ve been Attenzi’s CEO during this time. Fortunately, I’ve kept a daily log of interesting stuff, ideas and ‘notes to self’ for as long as I can remember ­– there’s a cardboard box stacked full of them behind my desk. It forms a sort of chronological record and although it’s not a diary in the classic sense it has helped me assemble this story retrospectively.

I didn’t know, after all, that I was about to join one of those teams that just gels. I didn’t know we were about to redefine the way we all think about our business and its place in the market and its place in the world. And I definitely had no idea that I was going to write this story, but here we are.

I’m pretty sure we’re all going to benefit as more and more of us go through this transition. I’m sure those that do so earlier than others will grow market share, and those that pretend it’s not happening will struggle. I definitely know my allegiances with all variety of organizations will change accordingly.

I hope you enjoy our story. I hope it helps you develop your organization’s relevance, competitiveness and profitability. I hope it helps you forge your career and helps you bring your colleagues with you.

If the Attenzi team can help in any way please drop by We’d love to share insights, perspectives and experiences.