Twenty six (ii)

The same can be said for person-to-person communications, but it seemed more obvious in this context to also include the outcome where some one changes what they would have thought otherwise. Or is there just a time lag between thinking differently and consequently doing something differently?

And then of course some communication is initiated because the communicator wants to find out stuff in order to think or act differently than otherwise herself. A communicator seeks to influence and/or seeks to be influenced.

Sensitized to the science and art of communication, I decided to walk with Saket out to his car. And, I think, sensing this, Saket decided to be a bit mischievous. Pulling away with his window wound down, he shouted: “And remember, mathematics is the only universal language – Contact, 1997.”

To this day I don’t know if Saket was just jesting or knew this quote would land a punch. I remember revisiting more of my conversation with John as I walked back to my office and realizing it was a conversation not yet finished.