Sixty two

I’m coming to the end of this story now, or at least I’m finishing this first part of the new Attenzi story. Let me leave you with some brief examples of how our structure, culture, policies and processes are bending / being bent to our new emphases, and some of the early benefits we’re accruing and lessons we’re learning.

Perhaps, if there’s sufficient interest, I might document our subsequent experiences – you may be relieved to know I now record my daily notes digitally.

I’ll listen out for your conversation about our story amongst the two to three billion social web participants! (Using #attenzi would help us greatly.)

And it would be rude of me not to invite you over. We’d love to get our collective minds together to find out what has surprised and disappointed you most about our story, to understand your critique, to share and learn from your experiences, and to see if we can’t make this social business thing come to life sooner than otherwise.

We’ve set up a facility on our website to do just that. Do come on over. Marcus and I will have added more notes, comments and updates by the time you drop in I’m sure.