I was wading through some email – Rachel is right about email – when Michelle (CMO) asked if I could join her and Yvonne (PR). Anything to get away from my inbox. They were half way through a meeting with a firm called… actually names should be changed; let’s call the firm Social Media Goorooz.

The Goorooz had just tantalized Michelle and Yvonne with their digital awesomeness and Michelle and Yvonne thought it would be good if I met them too. What was meant to be ten minutes turned into ninety, and time well invested I believe to save Attenzi from having to meet them again.

On shaking hands with a “Welcome to Attenzi” the main Goorooz chap actually replied “Welcome to the paradigm shift!”

I’m not kidding.

I won’t bore you with the stuff I agreed with. It was agreeable. They’d already worked out some of the stuff we were in the process of working out. Fair enough. It was the disagreeable stuff they added alongside, and the disagreeable omissions, that got my hackles up.