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Sixty eight

BB’s “Social Business #Fail Of The Week” is a popular read on our social network in which he documents, with biting humor, his grievances with organizations that don’t appear to be working hard at social business just yet. He refers to them collectively as the Antis, as in anti-social, and the inevitability of their decline (or at least of their current way of doing business) as The Extinction.

He told me he finally appreciates the Balanced Scorecard, attributing that to the simple fact that we now have worthwhile mission and vision. I suspected there was more to it than that and he took my provocation as a theme for his weekly ‘column’. He pursued the theme over a couple of months, eliciting comments and contributions from his colleagues, or “my readers” as he likes to say with a feigned journalistic twinkle in his eye.

This thematic series of posts concluded with a surprising description of social business as BB sees it – a business of the people, by the people, for the people. He made sure to define ‘the people’ as all stakeholders. Paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln’s commitment to the principles of human equality like this is a powerful device and I’ve made a note on my to-do list to explore the relevance and ramifications of this viewpoint more deeply.

We didn’t know BB had such talent as a copywriter – actually I’m not sure he did either – and Michelle is increasingly tapping this talent.